Mr. Assist stickhandling camps will revolutionize stickhandling and puck skills as seen by our Head Instructor Ryan Kirk. You will leave this camp with sore arms and softer hands guaranteed!!!! Learn to be a wizard with that puck!!!!






Ethan has found the camp challenging which is perfect, his stickhandling skills are not great and we looked to have this camp at the beginning of the summer so he could practice those drills at home and the off ice training has been great. The on ice allows him to try them out and work as hard too. This camp has been great all week. It has been all we could ask for, it may be just us but I look for Ethan to be slightly frustrated because that means he is working hard and he still has more to work on.

My son John Campbell is 7 years old, the youngest camper there and half way through the first day I was walking with him to the restroom and he said to me “ Daddy I love this camp!”. Coach Ryan is awesome! Great addition!!!!

We have three players in your Mr Assist camp and they all have greatly improved. Ryan is good at challenging each one. My ten year old said he feels more comfortable than ever stick handling. He wants to continue practicing the techniques Ryan has showed him. Before the camp he would have told you that was the one thing he didn’t like doing because it was hard. Thank you,

Stephanie Phemester

Hi Jeff,
Sebastian LOVED both the pro ambitions program and the stick handling program. The assistant coaches were wonderful and gave a lot of personalized attention, which was great! As tired as my kid was, he was still eager to get up and grind. That’s a great sign!
Thank you,


This was by far one of the best clinics our son has attended. Both of your coaches where extremely energetic and experienced which made for a great clinic. Our son is 8 years old and progressed significantly in a matter of days. More importantly, he left the camp with an invigorating drive to practice his stick handling on his own. Thanks again and great clinic.